Thursday, March 19, 2020

Hybrid Car Battery Life and Replacement Costs

Hybrid Car Battery Life and Replacement Costs It is expensive to replace hybrid batteries- it can cost in the neighborhood of $3,000 for a full hybrid battery replacement. But on the other hand, hybrid batteries have proven themselves to be extremely reliable. And as long as they are not abused and the vehicle charging control system operates effectively, they can be- not unrealistically- expected to last for nearly the life of the vehicle. Manufacturers are providing generous battery warranties (generally about 8-10 years and 80,000 to 100,000 miles), but as with most warranted components, they are designed to last well beyond the coverage period. It would not be unreasonable to expect the life of a battery pack to exceed 150,000 miles. Something to keep in mind: as more hybrids take to the roads, reclaimed batteries from out-of-service (wrecked) cars will become more available at steep discounts.

Monday, March 2, 2020

How to Study for a College Midterm

How to Study for a College Midterm Midterms can be intimidating, whether youre a first-semester college student or getting ready to graduate. Because your grade might be heavily dependent on how you do on your midterm exams, being as prepared as possible is important for your success. But just what are the best ways to prepare? In essence: how do you study for a midterm in the best way possible? 1. Go to Class Regularly and Pay Attention If your midterm is over a month away, your class attendance might seem pretty disconnected from your study plan. But going to class every time, and paying attention while youre there, is one of the most effective steps you can take when preparing for a midterm or other important exam. After all, the time you spend in class involves you learning and interacting with the material. And its much better to do so in shorter snippets over the course of a semester than to try to learn, in just one night, all of the things that have been covered over the last month in class. 2. Stay Caught Up with Your Homework Staying on top of your reading is a simple but highly important step to take when preparing for midterms. Additionally, if you really focus on your reading the first time you complete it, you can do things like highlighting, taking notes, and making flashcards that can later be transformed into study aids. 3. Talk to Your Professor About the Exam It may seem obvious or even a little intimidating, but talking to your professor in advance of the exam can be a great way to prepare. He or she can help you understand concepts youre not totally clear on and can tell you where to best focus your efforts. After all, if your professor is both the writer of the exam and someone who can help you be efficient in your preparations, why wouldnt you use him or her as a resource? 4. Begin Studying at Least One Week in Advance If your exam is tomorrow and youre just starting to study, then youre not really studying youre cramming. Studying should take place over a period of time and should allow you to really understand the material, not just memorize it the night before an exam. Beginning to study at least one week in advance is a smart way to reduce your stress, prepare your mind, give yourself time to absorb and remember the material youre learning, and overall do well when exam day finally arrives. 5. Come Up With a Study Plan Planning to study and planning how to study are two very different things. Instead of staring blankly at your textbook or course reader during the time youre supposed to be preparing, come up with a plan. For example, on certain days, plan to review your notes from class and highlight key elements you need to remember. On another day, plan to review a particular chapter or lesson that you think is especially important. In essence, make a to-do list of what kind of studying youll do and when so that, when you do sit down for some quality study time, you can make the most of your efforts. 6. Prepare Any Materials Youll Need in Advance If, for example, your professor says its okay to bring a page of notes to the test, make that page well in advance. That way, youll be able to refer to what you need quickly. The last thing you want to be doing during a timed exam is learning how to use the materials you brought with you. Additionally, as you make any materials youll need for the exam, you can use them as study aids as well. 7. Be Physically Prepared Before the Exam This may not seem like a traditional way of studying, but being on top of your physical game is important. Eat a  good breakfast,  Ã¢â‚¬â€¹get some sleep,  have the materials youll need already in your backpack, and check your stress at the door. Studying involves preparing your brain for the exam, and your brain has physical needs, too. Treat it kindly the day before and the day of your midterm so that all of your other studying can be put to good use.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Industry Analysis Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Industry Analysis - Term Paper Example Toyota Motor Corporation is one of those firms. The other top firms are Ford Motor Company, General Motors Company and Honda Motor Company. The automobile industry has been through a number of revolutions starting with standardized mass production which was instigated by Henry Ford; the second which was designed by Alfred Sloan included the organizational ‘creation of the Corporation with multi-product divisions emphasizing marketing and branding;’ the third revolution was created by Eiji Toyoda of Toyota Motor Corporation which focused on lean manufacturing and the development of quality (Maxton and Wormald 2005). The automobile is one of the most important industries in the world in terms of its contribution to GDP; it uses large steel and glass and consumes a high percentage of the world’s oils (Maxton and Wormald 2004). In addition to the transportation of people to various locations in order to facilitate various activities, it has also contributed to the fle xibility of the human race in terms of the transportation of goods for consumption and production. However, automobiles have lead to million of casualties on our roads, pollution of the environment, depletion of natural resources and global warming (Maxton and Wormald 2004). These have gained significant attention and have led to increasing legislation. The automobile industry is also very capital intensive due to the complex nature of the automobile. ... Some of Toyotas well known models are the Corolla in the compact range; Camry in the sedan range; Land Cruiser in the SUV category; the Lexus line in the luxury line; Celica in the sports line; the Tundra in the truck line; and the Coaster in the bus line. The Toyota Camry has been the best selling motor vehicle in America for 13 of the last 14 years (Toyota Motor Corporation). The Camry has won a number of awards 2.0 Analysis of the Industry Porter’s Five Forces model can be used to analyze the environment in the automobile industry. Porter indicates that there are five forces in an industry environment which work together to determine profitability and attractiveness in the long run. The five forces will assist firms like Toyota Motor Corporation determine their strength and competitive position. Walton (1999) indicates that a firm can be effective strategically once it can manipulate the forces in a way that is favorable to it. The more it does so the more it will achieve i ts goals. The five competitive forces in Porter’s Five Forces model are: the threat of substitutes; barriers to entry; rivalry in the industry; bargaining power of suppliers; and bargaining power of customers. The model is shown in Figure 1. Figure 1 – Porter’s Five Forces Model 2.1 Threat of new substitutes A substitute is anything that is able to serve as replacement. In this case it specifically relate to anything that will help in transporting goods and people. There are a number of options available to customers who want to move from one place to another. They include bicycles and bikes for people travelling short distances. Bicycles are cheaper as they do not require fuel. However, they take

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Importance of The Web-based Software for Students Assignment

Importance of The Web-based Software for Students - Assignment Example Campus cruiser software has a fully and seamlessly integrated LMS that students can access from their portal (TimeCruiser, 2007). The seamless integration of course cruiser and LMS enable students to access the campus LMS through their student’s portal and within a single sign-in. To facilitate user its friendliness, the software is designed using familiar tools that facilitate student’s learning experience and use of the system. The system also enhances streamlined and wide range course management and collaboration between the students and the school’s management. The campus cruiser also provides essential academic tools that are required for the management of instructions. Some the basic tools include gradebook, assignments, course level charts, file sharing tools and research tools. The grade book enables students to set up instructions concerning the grades that they would wish to achieve. Gradebook might include assignment tools that enable students to manage their assignment and share research questions. The course-level forums & chart enables a student to share experiences and information relating to their coursework and assignments (TimeCruiser, 2007). On the other hand, the file-sharing tools enable students to share content with other students taking a particular course. Finally, the online journal tool facilitates student’s online research and provides essential information concerning academic honesty. The course cruiser has considerable benefits to an institution. These benefits can be an analyzed by considering the benefit achieved by each of the stakeholders. For instance, the faculty benefits from an increased interaction among students and course instructors. This facilitates exchange of ideas and other related academic materials. The system also enhances streamlined and wide range course management and collaboration between the students and the school’s management.The campus cruiser also provides essential academic tools that are required for the management of instructions.  

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Children and the Media/Advertising Essay -- essays research papers

It has been noted that the media and advertising industries have targeted the children in the process of selling products and services. Children are in the age range that is most influenced and are most desired for companies to sell products to. Minors are young and are therefore potential long-term consumers. Some of these advertising industries include companies selling credit cards, tobacco, alcohol, clothing and fast food. According to marketing expert James U. McNeal, PhD, author of "The Kids Market: Myths and Realities" (Paramount Market Publishing, 1999), children under 12 already spend a $28 billion a year. Teen-agers spend $100 billion. Children also influence another $249 billion spent by their parents. At the same time they are helping these companies prey and destroy little minds. According to him "Advertising is a massive, multi-million dollar project that's having an enormous impact on child development." "The sheer volume of advertising is gro wing rapidly and invading new areas of childhood, like our schools." A letter protesting psychologists' involvement in children's advertising was written by Commercial Alert, a Washington, D.C., advocacy organization. The letter calls marketing to children a violation of APA's mission of mitigating human suffering, improving the condition of both individuals and society, and helping the public develop informed judgments. It urged the APA to challenge what it calls an "abuse of psychologi...

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Spices can be defined as aromatic or acrid plant substances used to provide flavor, color and aroma to food (Mohamed, 2014). These spices are characterized by being rich in antioxidants and have some medicinal properties (Jeswal and Kumar, 2015; Kong et al., 2014). Spices are widely used throughout the world for many purposes, of which their used in food preparation and processing (Hashem and Alamri, 2010). Many of them are used as traditional medicines in many cases such as infections, wounds, sprains and nausea and some spices help to improve glucose of plasma by improving insulin sensitivity (Mohamed, 2014). Because of its medicinal properties, spices are used for pharmaceutical industries as raw materials (Toma and Abdullah, 2013).In addition, essential oils of spices or spices themselves have preservative action (Nielsen and Rios, 2000). Antimicrobial properties of some spices inhibit the fungal growth as reported for turmeric and sumac (Jeswal and Kumar, 2015; Toma and Abdullah, 2013), while essential oils and oleoresins of some spices shown to be high effectively against microbial growth. Essential oil of mustard is one of these oils, which includes the active component allyl isothiocyanate (AITC). Other spices such as cinnamon, garlic and clove considered as potential inhibitors (Nielsen and Rios, 2000). while other spices such as red chili and dry ginger considered as liable substance for growth of many fungi (Jeswal and Kumar, 2013). Although red chili is in the second rank as the largest used spice worldwide after black pepper, contamination of red chili samples by AFs and OTA were repeatedly reported by many studies and Aspergillus flavus, A. niger and A. fumigates are the fungi contaminants that are repeatedly detected in the flake or powder samples of red chili. In ginger derivatives and samples, the mycotoxins that have been detected are AFs and OTA. Contamination of spices can be occurred in the field, when the spices undergo drying process or during storage (Kabak and Dobson, 2017).

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Comparison Between Plato And The Composition Of The Ideal...

Plato and the Composition of the Ideal City-State in Parts I-III of The Republic Wei Ting Lee 500467076 Ryerson University Introduction Appearance versus reality is a pertinent theme in Plato’s dialogues. Yet, the precise nature of truth, the good and the beautiful all rely on contradiction, which the philosopher uses in his discussion of an ideal civil society. To properly understand Plato’s motivation, it is necessary to briefly explain his historical context: Athenian democracy and the Peloponnesian War had wreaked havoc on civil institutions during Plato’s time. Athen’s during the 4th century BCE was on the verge of ruins, as were prevailing systems of governance and ideas of justice. Against this background, Plato†¦show more content†¦The Peloponnesian War lasted from 431-404 BCE, which pitted the Athenians against Sparta to the south, after the latter had attempted repeated invasions into Attica. The war was extremely brutal and lead to a significant loss of life, which lead Plato to the idea that to govern one must be virtuous and ruthless, and that defending the city again st those outside its borders is best left to guardians educated in important ethical and practical matters of governance. Therefore, Plato suggests it is necessary to be courageous and that those given the responsibility to rule in defence of a city must exercise virtue, for only through virtue can one confront the important day to day decisions needed to safeguard the polis from harm. Plato also believed that rulers must reflect the good in their ability to reason. For the good of the city, we must â€Å"seek out craftsmen who are by nature able to pursue what is fine and graceful in their work, so that our young people will live in a healthy place and be benefitted on all sides †¦ [in a way] that brings health from a good place, leading them unwittingly, from childhood on, to resemblance, friendship, and harmony